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Commission Prices

Fri Feb 13, 2015, 5:38 PM
- Commission Information -

Rules -  (Please Read!)
- I do take paypal! PayPal e-mail will be provided over notes!
- I also take payment threw Western Union:…
- Commissioner is allowed to re-post the finished piece on there page as long as it credited back to me.
- Please include a detail description of the Commission, including references. (Or describe it the best way you can..)
- I do take NSFW Commissions! (Please contact me about NFSW examples, they will not be linked here... sorry!) 
- Please contact me about commissions threw Notes!
- Other payment methods can be discussed through notes.

- Pony Commissions -

Pony Full Body - $20
Examples: <da:thumb id="478437178"/> Hot Chocolate is Great by NekoMellow Sly Splatter - Art Trade by NekoMellow TF2 Spray - Grab Some Air! by NekoMellow Teckie's B-Day -  Gift by NekoMellow Shadow Rain - Christmas Raffle Winner by NekoMellow

Show Style Full Body (Flat Color) - 15$ (I LOVE! Doing these!:heart:)
Examples:  OC Collection - MLP Style by NekoMellow <da:thumb id="560520591"/> MLP Version - NM by NekoMellow Silver by NekoMellow LH and Gal - Christmas Gift by NekoMellow Christmas 2015 - Teckie Gift by NekoMellow

Character Pony Cards - 25-35$
Examples; Character Card: Gallow Wisp - Paypal Commission by NekoMellow Character Card - Strawberry Glimmer by NekoMellow Character Card - Flare by NekoMellow Flying High - Character Card - Techie by NekoMellow Character Card: Ace Strider - Paypal Commission by NekoMellow
Can come with;
- Full color, full body picture of your pony
- Three items that match your ponies personality traits 
- Character's pet or companion 
- Name scroll with simple backdrop 

Pony (Simple) REF Sheets - $35
Examples:  Ponysona Update - Vampie Neko Mellow |BAT PONIE| by NekoMellow Sound Blaster REF - Paypal Commission by NekoMellow
Can Come with;
- Cutie Mark 
- (2)Full Body Pony (To show fur design)
- (1)Inner Wing Design Example 
- (1)Both Eye Color Example 

Pony (Complicated) REF Sheet - $50

Examples:  Princess Neon Boom - 2014 by NekoMellow Ponysona - Neko Mellow Reference Sheet 2014 by NekoMellow Ponysona - Neko Mellow Reference Sheet by NekoMellow
Can Come with;
- (2)Full Body Pony Designs, One with clothes, accessories, armor, ect. One without clothes, accessories, armor, etc to show the design of the pony. 
- Extra examples of scars, birthmarks, tattoos ect
- (1)Different hair example. 
- (1)Inner Wing Design Example 
- (1)Outer Wing Design Example 
- (1)Both Eye Color Example 

- Backgrounds -

Backgrounds start at $50 and go up on how many character there are and how complicated the scene is.
Examples:  Paypal Commission- The Throne (Part Four) by NekoMellow Paypal Commission - The Fallen Queen (Part One) by NekoMellow Commission - Tech and Jingles Bed Room Re-Design by NekoMellow

- Furry Anthros -

Furry Detail Bust - $15
Examples:  That's Unusual by NekoMellow PayPal Commission - Jazzie (Still Form) by NekoMellow AT - Zathura (Still Form) by NekoMellow Paypal Commission - Lightning Haze (Still Form) by NekoMellow

Furry Full Body - $25
Examples:  Paypal Commission - Arelia by NekoMellow Christmas AT - Birdie by NekoMellow Queen Phoebe - Art Trade by NekoMellow Art Trade - Shushi by NekoMellow Paypal Commission - Sarah Lamarez by NekoMellow Moisho - Paypal Commission by NekoMellow Art Trade - London by NekoMellow

Full Body Chibi - 20$

Examples:  AT - Nova by NekoMellow Countess Coloratura by NekoMellow A Gift For You! - YCH Winner! by NekoMellow Art Trade - Electro Drome by NekoMellow Art Trade - Lacara by NekoMellow AT - Valerie Lan by NekoMellow

Simply Chibi Head - $5 

Examples Chibi Heads - Group One by NekoMellow

Detail Chibi Heads - 8$

Examples: Christmas Button Collection 2015 by NekoMellow Neon's B-Day - Gift by NekoMellow Neko by NekoMellow

Fursona Reference Sheets - $140
Example:  Queen of Rainbows - Brookie Reference 2014 by NekoMellow Neko Mellow - Fursona Sheet 2016 by NekoMellow
Comes with:
- Four outfit choices 
- Body reference, Back and Front
- Without hair 
reference (Optional) 
- Accessories
- Eye 

-- Humans --

Humans are 25$

Examples of Humans:  That Shit Head - 2014 TF2 Halloween by NekoMellow  AT - Airaya - Tera Rising by NekoMellow Run-Run| Frisk by NekoMellow Fantasy - Tera Online | Brookie.Chan by NekoMellow

Ghost Style - 20$
Examples:  Mystery Skulls - Neko Mellow by NekoMellow PayPal Commission - Mystery Skulls OC Dennis by NekoMellow Paypal Commission - Armando by NekoMellow


Skin by Winyumi (modified by NekoMellow)
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GatTheDragon Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Professional Filmographer
I'll take the bottle of whiskey.
Nightmare-Moon-Fan Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
Good prices, I might do one. When or if I get the money
NekoMellow Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015
Glad you think so, thanks for the support~! 
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